Blah :L

Well I was supposed to go to church today but instead I have stay home and do homework D: I have a poetry project due tomorrow (well its not due, the teacher's gonna check our progress) and I haven't even started!! xD I woke up pretty blah today, so I better get going on the project. =n= My favorite poets are Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Frost :D If you have any poems you like/made, please share them with me!! If you made an original poem and I like, I might even use it for my project. :D Bye for now!



Hello! (^▽^)

Hi, and welcome to Kendavi's official blog! I think this is all really cool so far, and I can't wait to write about stuff for you all. I'll mostly use this for updates, sharing cool things, and telling you all about my life I guess.


See ya!    さようなら !   (*≧▽≦)/